Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dino Love

Dinosaurs Will Die is a snowboard company based out of Vancouver BC and the brain child of vancouver bred slayer Sean Genovese. Genovese is no stranger to the snowboard scene, having graced the pages of many shred magazines over the years, he's had countless killer video parts, is co-founder of Think Thank, and the founder of DWD. He's a bit of a legend to say the least and has a creative knack for developing some quality snowboards with some mind bending designs.
Thanks to some divine intervention, Genovese stumbled across Spicy Caesar and has thrown us some love in the new "Bloggin' since bin Bloggin" section of the DWD site. Much thanks.
Click the link below to check it out and be one of the few this far east to get your hands on some DWD product!


  1. thanks for the shout out guys!

  2. dont forget about keenan. him and geno are beasts. everyone in nl better rep those shits.