Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Excited Reptiles

The PartySnake crew has been taking the canadian snowboard scene by storm for the past couple of years. Whether you love them or hate them (i can't get enough), you have to admit that their videos are entertaining as fuck! Let alone the fact that they can party to a near death state and still slay with a plank strapped to their feet is a miracle in itself. It brings me back to the days of the Mayhem videos, which ruled my teenage years. Sean O'brien is essentially the new Sober Steve.
You might be surprised to know that some of the PartySnakes have a newfoundland connection. Matt Heneghan, the Ginger Bossman, lived on this rugged isle for some of his more formative years, while Jeff Dawe is a Corner Brook local and Marble Mountain bred shred.
Check the teaser for their third masterpiece below.
Beware the Snake Bite!

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