Friday, July 2, 2010

Real Talk

Newfoundland is not well known for it's shred scene, even though this past season The People Crew were in St. John's getting some shots in one of North America's oldest city for their upcoming video "Cheers", and the season before some of the Transworld crew were here doing the same. Spicy Caesar is going to bring new light to a side of Newfoundland shredding that hasn't received much attention as of late.
There have been cat skiing operations on the west coast of Newfoundland for years and there is a die-hard group of locals who hike out and get some epic lines. The fact is, Newfoundland has some amazing terrain to ride outside of the capital city's urban scene. That's right, there is a backcountry in Newfoundland, one that could rival the west coast of Canada, it's just on a much smaller scale. The crew over here at Spicy Caesar have invested in some sleds and cameras and will be bringing some solid coverage next season on Newfoundland's west coast backcountry. Keep your eyes peeled.

Lewis Hills
West Coast of Newfoundland

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