Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Real Don Dot Com

The Don himself, JP Walker, has just popped his blog cherry and dropped what is sure to be an entertaining site. The SHREDOGRAPHY section of the site is a timeline of his video parts over the years that allows you to get a good idea of the steep trend in progression both in the sport itself, and JP as an integral part of that sport. JP's longtime homie and veteran blogger Jeremy Jones had a huge influence in JP finally taking the step into bloggerdom, and allowed him to even mimic his own blog's domain name.

Get on these shits and kill some time, all the while getting educated in the way of the shred:

Now for a little flashback.......... 1997's "Simple Pleasures(MDP)" ladies and gentlemen.

SIMPLE PLEASURES JP Walker from JP Walker on Vimeo.

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