Thursday, November 25, 2010

Whistler Opening Day

As much as i love riding in Newfoundland and supporting the terrain we have to offer, i wouldn't mind going back to Whistler, at least until our season gets rolling.
Check out this video of Wiley Tesseo, P-Nut, Adam Chuntz, and Tayor Godber having a good time in the pow on opening day.
Jealous much? Don't worry, it's an El NiƱo year, we're going to get dumped on.
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  1. the el nino shouldnt effect newfoundland at all, says the news anyway

  2. What the fuck does the news know???

  3. good point...but have we got any snow yet...?? everywhere else in canada does

  4. Everywhere else in canada always gets snow before we do.....