Monday, March 7, 2011

J.Osmond Design

J.Osmond Design (Jeremy Osmond) is a local business here in Corner Brook. J.Osmond Design grew up in Corner Brook snowboarding and skateboarding and the guy can rip. From web pages to decals, he can do it all. J.Osmond Design is a huge sponsor of the NL Snowboard Shredders team and is extremely dedicated to the snowboard and skateboard scene here on the west coast of Newfoundland. Last summer J.Osmond Design, Sideways Boardshop and myself (Dru Kennedy) teamed up to raise awareness of the current skateboard park in Corner Brook by a series of photo and video adds featuring local talent tearing up the streets of C.B. The adds were titled "Corner Brook needs a New Skatepark" and you can see them all on the J.Osmond site. With all this support of local events and riders you can tell that this is a super good dude. Go to the J.Osmond site and check out his portfolio, its pretty impressive.

Here's the link for J.Osmond Design, Check it out!!

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