Friday, May 27, 2011

Story Time with Fossy!

Words of Scott Cabot,
Sitting here right back where I started seven months later on this mound of blankets and pillows a "mile high mud pie" an invention created by fellow shredder and one of my best friends Dru Kennedy, Thinking to myself as I'm trying write this post for no other then Spicy I try to recall all the moments, people and places that I have encountered through out the seven month journey that many would call a long vacation and a crazy idea. On the search for pow, park jumps and a general good time i made my way from Goose bay labrador to Whistler, BC making random stop in calgary, Banff, Lake Louise, Sunshine Village, Golden(where i lived for the bulk of the season and met some of the nicest people from across the world) and Vancouver. To the people I have met you know who you are thank you for an amazing year that I will never forget! Check below for some photos and a few shots from my 120 day season.
- Kicking Horse MTN (Avalanche Training)
- Pillow Line, Golden B.C.
- Note to self, when spring boardin in Whistler buy spf 50
- Little bit of back country
- Blackcomb Glacier, home of COC
- Fish n Chips in CB Newfoundland with the by's
- The village
- Who says you cant bike to the hill?
- gettin some beers
- to the right is t-shirt sleeves!
- lil stale
- Rainbow Lake Beers
- Van
- Inversion at KHMR
- Beer Olympics

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