Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Help Corner Brook Get a New SKATEPARK!!!!

So J.Osmond Design and Sideways Boardshop teamed up again this year to bring you a new campaign to help Corner Brook get a new skatepark. Along with videos and photos, there is a new addition, a t-shirt design contest. Go to the J.Osmond design site and download the tee template and get creative. The winning design will get a bunch of goodies and there is talks of some cash!!! boo yaaa! Tell your friends!


  1. They gave you a park not 5 years ago, if you all weren't so big on beating everything up you would still have a nice park.

  2. umm it was 11 years ago.. and it was made of wood in the first place. soo pretty much just wear and tear.

  3. Yeah, we finally got a new one now, the old one was so bad and toren up, it was shit. The new one still doesnt seem to be that satisfied with much skaters but its much much better than the old one.