Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ransack Larson

The lack of posts as of late is unforgivable i'm aware. The crew have all been busy with jobs that pay the bills, and passion projects on the side that feed the soul. This is a promise to be way more on point. After all, the season is just around the corner and early season edits are about to start dropping.
Think Thank's, "Ransack Rebellion" has already dropped and it is most certainly a must have for your pre-season shred orgasm. Click the above link to order your hard copy (for the collectors among us) or head on over to itunes to get your digital copy on a broke ass budget.
Here is a little bonus footage or Chris Larson to tease your senses.
PS. DWD has invaded Ballistic in downtown St. John's, get them shits before they're extinct!

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