Friday, February 24, 2012

St Johns, Newfoundland

A group of us have been talking about going to St Johns for a good while now and 2 weeks ago we finally got to make it happen. Leaving Corner Brook at 6pm friday night and driving through the night. We followed the moon the whole way and arriving in town around 2:30am. Zombied out we unload the truck and prepare for saturday.

Saturday morning got on the go pretty early and went boarding for about 16 hours. We got the weather for sunday which consisted of 50+ mm of rain and realized that saturday was our only day to film.

- p ville session

- real nice down flat with Keough

- spam sending a street gap


Sunday came and brought the rain with it. So, after a much needed rest we went out to supper and a movie. We got to hang out with a lot of our friends and managed to get a nice few shots banked. Definitely going to do it again.

(photos - Grim, Dru, Biff, Geoff)

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