Tuesday, May 8, 2012

April Cat Boarding

Not this kind of Cat Boarding unfortunately....
This Kind
(Yvan, Myself, Biff, Josh, Dru)
DK Photo

We were fortunate enough to tag along on the final Cat Boarding trip of the season last month. Glen Noel of Blomidon Cat Skiing had some extra spots on his cat, so Dru, Yvan, Josh, Biff and myself jumped on board. I'm not sure if the business is still completely operational, but if you're interested, and know someone who knows someone, there's a good chance you can get onboard for a very reasonable fee.

I have been in the Blomidon Mountain Range on snowmobile many times, but Glen's knowledge of the area and how he accesses certain zones really opened my eyes to new possibilities. He can maneuver that cat like it's a video game and get you to the top of that line you spot from the bottom, but have no idea how difficult it is to access.

The conditions weren't epic, being mid April in Newfoundland and all, but good times were easy to come by. The snow ranged from sticky patches of warm, fresh snow to fast sugar. The sugar is what we wanted in these conditions because it would allow you to generate speed and make a few slush slashes. However, should you be cruising and come upon a sticky patch, you better be ready, else you would most certainly find yourself tumbling down a steep face with exposed rock.

Overall, it was an amazing day with great people, and a nice way to end the season. Thanks again to Glen and Alby for taking us out.

Here are a few pictures to give you an idea of what the area looks like. Video might pop up in the future.
Stay tuned.

Biff, striking a pose
DK Photo

Cat Storage, where you sign your life away

First bowl, to get an idea for the conditions

Alby, Biff, Myself, and Yvan, all smiles in the sunny mountains
DK Photo

Josh shooting out of the bottom

Beard vision out the window

Everyone dropping in
DK Photo

Wouldn't it be awesome to get at the lines over there?
DK Photo

Dru and Yvan fighting the wind

The boys carving out a little hit at the end of the day

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