Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Jibfest 2013

Jibfest this year was wild, it was the best contest setup in Marble history (my opinion) and all the competitors threw down. I spent the whole day shooting it and here is a fraction of what I captured. Big shout outs to all the sponsors and to everyone who made it happen!

 Alex Andrews signing stuff for the kids
 Karl on the lipslides
 Simon's just happy to be here!
 Hudson sending it
 Bowen FB
 Joey 1
 Joey 2
 Its not a Jibb contest until the flips bust out
 Ballistic, your welcome
 Karl BL
 Keo ^
 Gappage buddd-ddy

 Reppin and Spinnin
 Tame Dogg
 Karl "the spindle" Windle again
 Red Bull ollie contest
JR killed it! 

Best tricks on each feature - Bowen French(DFD), Chris Lake (Marble Jam), and Mike Hudson (Dance floor to downbar). 

Winner takes all - Josh Keo

If anyone would like images emailed for better quality you can fire me a line here - or hit me up on facebook (

Southwest Gulch post coming soon...

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