Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Ballistic Video

Get your tickets now kiddies, this is going to be a banger!

"It's the first skate video to come out of Ballistic in 13 years. Come celebrate with yer boys:

Darryl Denine, Josh Hawco, Neil Blackwood, Robbie Ryan, Khris Stamp, Jew, Twinny, Choomps, Jared Hawco, Chris Gollop, Ethan Murphy, Matt King, Zak Summers and Mike Hudson, along with the rest of the homies!

Tickets are 20$ and gain you admission and a copy of the video. 

It's going down in the Mun Science Building (SN 2109)
Doors open at 7 and the party's over at 10

Pick your tickets up at Ballistic and come check out a video that's been in the works for 2 years and filmed in Toronto, L.A., all over Europe and right here at home.
Filmed and edited by Jared Hawco and Jacob White"

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