Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Jibfest 2014

So, we could tell you that the Jibfest weekend went off without a hitch... but we wouldn't want to lie to you. The past few days have been extremely stormy. On Friday we received a huge dump of snow and an afternoon full of rain, making conditions super hard packed and icy. This resulted in all Marine Atlantic crossings being delayed and multiple busses canceled as they couldn't make the 700 km drive to Marble until the weather cleared. After long days of constructing the set-up for Jibfest and excessive grooming to soften the snow the contest was a go. The Sun popped out and the park was the place to be. However, another storm on Sunday with high winds meant the Analog Go Huck Yourself contest was canceled and the hill was shut down. Huge thanks to Will Baker, Mike Hamlyn, Karl Windle and the rest of the guys who helped build the contest setup. Big thanks to all the sponsors Marble, Burton, LRG, Nixon, Ballistic, Analog, and Scion! All Photo by Will Baker Best Tricks... Ray Bishop, Mike Russell, Ian MacArthur Over all Shredder... Josh Keough

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