Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Jibfest Contest went off on Saturday and the weather was great, finally. People travelled from all over Atlantic Canada to check out the event and compete. The set up this year consisted of a down rail, down flat down box, flat sewer pipe and a chair lift hitching post that was on the Governor's Express chair lift when it was struck by lightning last summer. Big thanks to the build crew for making it all happen and a huge thanks to all the sponsors!! The over all winner was Aaron Pnut Johnson. Bowen French, Liam Noseworthy, Chris Lake, Mike Russell, Remy Byrne, Spam and Amanda Legge also managed to nab some prizes. Check out the photos and if you would like a high res file please email me dru(at)drukennedy(dot)com!!

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  1. Great photos! What focal length are you using for the wide shots?